By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED May 3, 2012
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Fashionista, model, reality star, and now four-time author, Kelly Bensimon, talks to Q+A about her new book, I Can Make You Hot, at
New York's San Carlos Hotel Penthouse Suite

Sunlight filled the penthouse suite of the San Carlos Hotel, where Kelly Bensimon greeted press to chat about her new book, I Can Make
You Hot. The Real Housewives of New York star certainly looked the part of 'hot'  donning Balenciaga pants, Chloe top and of course her
trademark beach-blown long tresses.

In the pages of
I Can Make You Hot, Bensimon shares her best kept secrets on how-to promote your inner and outer hottie with a simple
diet/exercise plan that she developed for herself as a professional model, mother, and reality star.

The book is stocked with her favorite easy to-do recipes (Sushi Burritos) as well as go-to life statements, (“Don’t gorge; be gorgeous!”)
and simple rules (20 minutes of exercise a day, no excuses). It’s clear, the Self magazine cover girl has eating and exercise down to a
science, but the author is greatly known for how she dresses her pretty package. The Illinois native said she balances her love for Prada
with a love for Zara, by buying one or two expensive pieces each season and then supplementing the rest.

When picking out what to wear, Bensimon swears by KISS i.e. '
Keep It Simple Stupid', and  credits her early 20s, as a model in Europe for
her, “less is more, European sensibility.” The good news, for all the fans of Bensimon’s style is that she has opened an online shop,
taking pieces from her very own closet, and selling them at for discounted rates.
Get Ready to Diet Supermodel Style! - 'I Can Make You Hot'
When discussing her coveted closet, Bensimon said she opted for a simple t-shirt and tattered jeans for the cover of I Can Make You Hot, because she wanted to be her “very-down-to-
earth” self. Despite emerging as a style icon, she admitted, “I don’t really care what I’m wearing, I am still the same person.”
Q+A's Vanessa Voigt gets the skinny from Bensimon