By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED April 25, 2012
160 x 600
Never say good bye to summer fun with Blue Plate’s colorful and breezy fall/winter 2012 collection. All you need is the right dose of winter add-ons and a free spirit!

With colorful prints, airy fabrics, and bohemian cuts, Blue Plate (BP) Fall/Winter 2012 collection is ideal for a summer music festival. Head designer, Shveta Kumra insists, however, with a
little layering and winter add-ons that BP is perfect for colder weather wardrobes.  

“It’s so easy to winterize Blue Plate’s dresses this fall season with black tights,”
Leemor Rhodes, Senior Account Executive of Think PR, said in a striking BP red, white and green cutesy
frock with black opaque leg wear.

Think PR, the agency representing BP, decorated the event space for the press presentation with vibrant hues hanging off the walls and ceilings, which complemented the colorful clothes
hanging on green and magenta hangers. The room almost seemed to engulf you, like a patchwork magic-carpet, ready to take you on a ride.

The collection is quintessential for a fantastical winter whirlwind of delight, with tie-dye peasant skirts, inkjet tanks, cartoon graphics on beachy throw overs, and breezy chiffon add-ons.
Although BP is known for their easygoing cuts, Kumra said the label made the biggest shift this season with their extensive use of chiffon, seen greatly in patterned, loose tops. According to
Kumra, the key trend for fall/winter wear is layering, and in the process, mixing and matching. “A little transparency makes a look interesting,” said Kumar.
Blue Plate Fall/Winter 2012: Never Say Goodbye to Summer