‘Q+A Where Designers Emerge & the Story Begins’

Fashion Q+A is the industry's leading online fashion
publication dedicated to covering emerging and
established design talent. Launched in 2007, the
brand is devoted to answering readers' questions
while providing intimate and exclusive Designer
Q+As, creative style and trend shopping guides,
monthly fashion pictorials that translate the current
fashion climate, tips and quips on all things beauty
& hair, as well as reporting on the latest in buzz-
worthy industry news. A virtual hub for fashion savvy
readers, Q+A has always kept its readers one step
ahead of the general public concerning all things
groundbreaking in fashion and beauty, both on and
off the catwalk.

With its nonpareil team of editors, experienced
reporters and photographers from all across the
globe, and with affiliates operating in London, Paris,
Berlin, Los Angeles and Miami, Q+A's scope of
online coverage is as expansive as its world-wide
presence. Q+A helps its loyal readers stay attuned to
every breaking development of the ever-changing
fashion zeitgeist and allows them to stay in sync to
what's new and hot in fashion before any other
online publication. The brand's central goal is to
establish relationships between readers and
designers, by being a launching pad where
emerging talent gains exposure and thus, a healthy
consumer base to follow. Q+A stands behind the
brands it features. Catching the fashion stars of
tomorrow before they explode - story intact - is and
has always been Q+A's goal and specialty.   
Navigating the Site

Fashion Q+A's homepage features the brand's
creative and always fashion-forward front cover, which
highlights the special monthly stories accessible
through one of six channels located at the top of the
publication's interface. In
Designer Q+A, brush up on
countless one-on-one exclusive interviews with some
of fashion's greatest talents and those in the making.
Style & Trends is where readers go to learn and
shop the looks that rocked the catwalk. With
worldwide, inexhaustive Fashion Week coverage -
from interviews to full analytical runway collection
reviews, bookmarking the
Runway page is the next
best thing to being there. The
Fashion Pictorial
channel is where designers let clothes speak for
themselves, by way of monthly groundbreaking
fashion editorials whose stories carry the tone of the
season. To learn what Iman has to say about
skincare, what new developments in makeup creative
minds at YSL Beauty have in store, and what celebrity
hair stylist Ted Gibson wants to dish out about
attaining and maintaining talk-worthy hair - one heads
over to
Beauty & Hair. And be it the opening of an
environmental pop-up store, what Anne Hathaway
wore to the Oscars, the latest event at Saks Fifth
Avenue, or who will finally take the reins at Christian
The Buzz flies high and low to bring a virtual
compendium of all the latest in industry news.  
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