By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED September 10, 2011
Rebecca Taylor: Wearability & Color Coordination Rein for SS 12
The beginning of Rebecca Taylor’s show encapsulated the DNA of the collection to follow. The first several looks fell flat, with nondescript neutral on neutral pairings, that at moments,
seemed confused in construction and coordination. Then – out walks a stellar, neon yellow knit, body con dress - and instantly, jaws dropped.

Taylor’s use of color was the real highlight here, especially with neon yellow, which she combined with orange and fuchsia hybrid prints, topped with an exuberant, gathered raincoat in a
beautiful variation of indigo. The same striking hue was seen on silk mid-calf pants, dresses and tops, structured together with black, stained-glass-inspired, laser-cut leather, which cast a
cool lace effect when peeking out as delicate sleeves.

Taylor also offered refreshing prints, such as a bright tie-dye recreation of a cloud-filled sky and a Hawaiian floral print of large yellow, fuchsia and teal anemones on black silk.
Skirts and dresses prevailed, and mostly they floated out in delicate, sheer, layers, at the knee or below. Most pieces possessed a quality of fluidity, with even the heavier fabrics bouncing
with each step.  Perhaps one of Taylor’s best constructions was the combination of wispy skirts caped over slim ones.

One notable misstep was the obtrusive jumper in a contaminated combination of silver, gray, green and brown snakeskin sheen that was pushed over the limit even more with black lace
sleeves. The Rebecca Taylor customer will surely love the soft airy hemlines, muted sheer fabric and cutesy floral prints, but will likely leave the few garish combinations on the runway.