By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED September 12, 2011
DAY 1 Nolcha Fashion Week New York Spring/Summer 2012
The clothing line you should really watch out for from the first installment of Nolcha Fashion Week is Eredappa, which showcased gorgeous use of color and pattern, all achieved by
elaborate beading work. The other three designers had their moments, but among the runway’s trends and recreations, Eredappa forged a statement of originality.

The scene was a colorful market place, with fresh designers shining smiles and happily spilling the details of their collections that hung on racks behind them. The diverse clothes and
jewelry were visual perks leading up to the 1pm line up at Nolcha Fashion Week’s first installment, with designers
Carlos Luna, Sarahi House of Fashion, K.Borgella, and the event’s
breath of fresh air,

Carlos Luna followed trends of the season with blocks of brights, often paired with black and neutrals or paired in two color tones, along with sheers.  Although evening gowns were elegant
with feminine cuts, high slits and neck lines, they seemed already done and mostly fell flat. Where
Carlos Luna went sophisticated, Sarahi House of Fashion  took you back to high school,
with cheesy prom dresses in the most cliche pastel, gold and white color schemes and cuts. Ill fitting jeans and nondescript top screamed hallways, not runway.  

Where the show was starting to seem to lack novelty,
Eredappa sent out completely unique stunners of intricate beaded detail in the most interesting patterns and colors. The
craftsmanship was inspired awe, but not lost on unstylish causes. Slim cuts balanced the detail well, and the arrangements of neons with darker tones, in formations of intermingled
shapes, were completely beautiful.

Eredappa was the peak of the showcase, but
K.Borgella did not slip all the way down the slope. Touches of neon yellow sometimes worked, as did rolled up arm cuffs on a turquoise suit,
for example, but it’s combination with mustard yellow was right on the wrong side of Grey Poupon. Eredappa distinguished itself from many of the repeated looks on the runways this
season. With a sincere expression for design, crafted by hardworking craftsmanship, Eredappa asserted a peerless, refreshing quality.