By Shakira Polite
All accessories rank in equal
importance when creating a
winning look, be it a carry-all
handbag or an eye-catching
cocktail ring, the accessory must
complement and ideally enhance
the clothing you’re wearing. With a
new fashion season upon us, it’s
time to start drooling over fall’s
most delicious jewels, handbags
and heels. But, if you're not quite
ready to fall forward and pack away
your summer staples, don’t fret!
We've put together a guide of the
summer season's most savory
pieces that warrant some
seriously glamorous rocking out
months from now. So chic no one
will know you’re still holding onto
Report 2011
The Handbag
From exotic skins totes in neon hues to stripes galore and printed raffia top handles, this season designers turned out bags that were bold, beautiful and had something for everyone.
Marc by
Marc Jacobs
Cheap &
The Bling
This season bigger is definitely better when it comes to jewelry. Stack on textured bangles a mile high or go bold with an over sized necklace or ring. With an array of styles and textures
available the only problem you will have is choosing just one.
The Sunglasses
During the summer a girl can’t leave home without her sunglasses! With so many trends this season it’s the perfect time to experiment with new looks. Coke bottle round or cat eye fierce,
no matter the choice this little accessory will inject major style into your look.
Dolce &
If you're not quite ready to fall forward and pack
away your summer accessory staples, don't fret!