Runway Photography by Fernando Colon
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About the brand:
New York-based Parke & Ronen is the product of designers Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel. The extremely popular swimwear collection is included in the company’s
White Label men’s contemporary collection which is sold in top stores across the country and internationally.

Big power players,
Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel, the dynamic duo that has re-revolutionized the 1960s snapshort, served up what we have come to expect from the very successful line
– unabashed sex appeal. No other swimwear design team really has their finger on the pulse of ardent male sexuality like the Parke & Ronen team. They’be been dominating the men’s
swimwear for years because they know how to make a long board-short more scintillating and erogenous than anyone else’s more skin-revealing speedo – which they’ve also got plenty of.
Another important factor that can’t be easily disregarded is the intelligence of the line. Men actually do like to accessorize and Parke & Ronen knows how to appease them. It’s not about
Panama hats! This season, the P&R boys were donning golf gloves. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well, it’s anything but. It’s so appropriate, so fresh and original. This team knows how to
style a man. No question about it. Where other lines try to reach back into the past with silly resurrections (we’re looking at you Panama hat) Parke & Ronen edged out all the competition
with their unquestionably sexy snapshorts. This is a team that knows how to editorialize itself with very slight and seldom missteps. This was another rousing success for the already very
successful team.
To make up for the overall shameful underrepresentation of men’s swimwear during Miami Swim Week, three lines have joined forces to create Swell Suits Miami 2011 – the first
exclusively all-male swimwear runway show.

The necessity for this kind of show cannot be underscored. Throughout all of Miami Swim Week – men’s swimwear was mainly utilized as a mere garnish, an afterthought sprinkled here
and there, consisting of foul, unoriginal board-shorts. That’s not to say that Swell Suits was completely devoid of board-shorts. On the contrary, board-shorts are an unquestionably integral
part of men’s swimwear, but all three lines –
Naila, Olasul and Parke & Ronen – all offered pieces that are made for men who like to dress up even while they’re dressing down. The board-
shorts had body-conscious cuts; none of those baggy and oversized tents that any ol’ moe can find at his local Wal-Mart.
Swell Suits Miami 2011: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Runway
The leading trends of the men’s swimwear scene were showcased under The Oasis clear tent at Miami Beach’s historic Raleigh Hotel
during the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM, held July 15-19, 2010.
Alexander Patino

About the brand:
Launched in New York City in 2010, Naila is a lifestyle luxury brand for men and women with a focus on environmentally responsible methods of production. Inspired by
nature, there is strong attention to detail with European cuts, vibrant color palettes and customized prints.

NYC-based, eco-conscious lifestyle brand Naila participation in Swell Suits Miami 2011 also marked their runway debut. Sporting very wearable European cuts, an inviting – yet vibrant color
palette, Naila gave a very decent, if yet a bit understated showing for its first runway showing. As a young brand to the SwimWeek scene, Naila can definitely take a hint from its compatriots
in action, Parke & Ronen when it comes to accessorizing. The Panama hats? It’s just too obvious, so overused, so lacking in imagination as a male accessory that one wishes the line had
just stuck to the wear and left it at that. But that’s far from saying that this young brand is lacking in any potential. On the contrary – in the ways of the actual cuts – the designs were right on
point. With a little more time and experience, the Naila brand, like its Swell Suits partners in action, will grow to be something we can look forward to experiencing both on the runway and on
the waves.

About the brand:
Launched in 2010, New York-based Olasul’s contemporary men’s swimwear is made from the highest quality, quick-drying materials and engineered to develop the
perfect, updated, modern fit with funky color combinations.

Olasul was undoubtedly the most playful of the three. The line embraces both Peruvian surf culture and cuisine.  Just looking at the pieces, you can see the sweet yams, the juicy corn, the
limejuice and fresh fish of the traditional Peruvian ceviche. It’s a fun melded celebration, but it never gets goofy. It’s playful, but still chic and inherently masculine.