By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED September 13, 2011
Michael Angel Rebuilds Ancient Egyptian Ruins for SS 12
Michael Angel achieves both an artistic and wearable spring 2012 collection complete with unique prints, dependable
staples and luxurious fabrics for day and night.

Eerie echoes of space filled the dim lit room while purple rings of Saturn floated off the ceiling. It was easy to look at
Michael Angel’s mannequins and assume space travel inspired the collection, with supernova stars streaming into the
darkness, off a jersey dress. Listening to Angel, however, it extended deeper than that. Yes, there was the theme of
modern transcendence, but it was placed firmly on Angel’s preoccupation with Ancient Egypt, specifically its

With this season’s collection, he aimed to recreate Egypt’s ruins into something even more mystical, while
acknowledging the powerful hands of the solar system. The theme was beautifully represented in the form of
functional, distinct clothing that offer great wear for the sun’s pull into spring. Appropriately so, Angel divided his
collection into two - “Day” & “Night.” On the Day side, predominate shades of yellow, teal and purple formed patterns of
epic building constructions on jersey and exuberant hues of orange and red set on silk organza. Neutral linen tweeds
combined with brights. The black silk shorts tempered the radiation.  
Day offered great statement separates, along with not as loud pieces that quietly assert style on a daily basis. And many pieces were perfected for day in and day out functionality.  A sunny
yellow linen tweed coat with beige block accents and white trimming on collar and sleeves embodied all of Angel’s qualities of cut and uniqueness.

And then “Night” appeared with an accordion pleated jacquard coat in pale yellow and moon dust as another practical yet stylish spring coat. Night shined most at dusk, where a romantic
painting of Queen Cleopatra printed a short-sleeved trench, while a sand wash maxi skirt with silk accents came in rich browns, midnight yellows, deep purples, and sharp accent of warm
white. The effect felt soft - yet deep, whimsical yet wearable. Angel’s line carries you through day and night both aesthetically and functionally. He covered full ground with his recreation of
progressive Egypt and proved to be both artistic and innovative himself.