By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED September 13, 2011
Improvd Soars High with Quintessential Street-Wear  
Improvd looked to the parrot’s multicolored feathers for inspiration this season with dark prints and modern cuts sure to keep customers looking tough, but with an essential feminine touch.
Comfortable but polished, this collection is for day trekking on through night skies.

Valentino Vettori and Sam Ben-Avraham played a lights guessing game with Improvd’s spring/summer 2012 collection presentation at the tents this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In
complete darkness, a bleak colored parrot slowly flew over a city, across three screens, flapping its wings with visual and auditory hyperbole. The lights would dimly flicker on for three acts
of clothing, all inspired by the parrot, both in color and construction. In between the acts, it was pure darkness.

The parrot-inspired multicolored fabrics glided from turquoise green, sky blue, and blood red into less exotic bird colors of gray, beige and porcelain. These prints came in the form of many
wrap tanks that swooped like a bird’s path off the neckline, harem pants, maxi skirts and dresses. One floor grazing hemline was interpreted with a chic throw-over that opened up to harem

Textured pieces looked like native artisanal woven baskets that made unique pants and a red shrug. The most eye-catching textured piece was a deep green dress lined in black that
unfolded like feathers to create a skirt. Leather added hard contrast with the soft, in the form of form fitting tops, thick belts, and stem like strands, wrapped around several times, fastening
in the airy fabrics. All of the looks were soft with an edge in fact, with severe prints on delicate fabrics, forward cuts on traditional silhouettes, and bold colors mixed with subdued tones.
Vibrant red, gray and white may be the winning scheme of the collection.

Improvd took the tropical parrot and transformed it into a regular urbanite by way of smoky grays, smog browns, and paved blacks on sleek styles that still maintained comfort for freedom of
flight. Like the parrot, this collection will wear like beautiful feathers for a surefire street standout look.