By Vanessa Voigt
POSTED September 16, 2011
Helios & Luna Gives Color and Comfort, But Not Stellar Style
In Helios & Luna’s spring 2012 collection, seek well-fitted, color-enhanced separates, and avoid prints, ruffles and wrinkles. Stick to the classics, not the cliche.

“My muse is the well-dressed woman. Anywhere I see her, I take note,” designer for Helios & Luna, Patricia Clyne said of her spring 2012 collection’s inspiration.
With comfortable, often outdoorsy fabrics, casual fits, and meek aesthetics, functionally-dressed women seemed to have aroused Clyne this season. Some tops took on an ER scrub-like
appearance, such as a wide hanging V-neck top. Her more structured pieces sometimes lay ill-fitting, especially her skirts, creating folds on the fabric, and many fabrics were crinkled in

Most of her collection was solid colored, in some great tones, like with a rose pink zip up coat, but where there was pattern, it seemed outdated. Her use of ruffles on tops and dresses
seemed old news as well. Helios & Luna likely may attract an older, more conservative clientele, but probably less of a younger generation. The looks were paired in monochromatic
schemes, but with a little imagination on your own, can use her separates as quality pieces for a greater visual achievement. There was this simple and sharp white pencil skirt with black
detailing that could be paired with a printed top for something special. Some of her pairings did work, like a midnight blue ruffle dress with a yellow trench.

While you won’t find a vivid print with this collection, you will find quality and attention to small details. Clyne designed and built this collection for comfortable wear and tear, perhaps over
stepping the line with a large, cheap plastic zipper on a yellow dress. The collection hit a very high note with a pair of canary yellow trousers of rayon wool that seemed refreshingly loud
compared to the low energy hum of the rest of the collection. A sharp pair of cropped, white skinnies had fit and versatility.  

With a keen eye, there are promising pieces in this collection, but steer clear of matching from head to toe, wrinkles, ruffles and print. Regardless of the stylistic add ons, you can count on
Clyne to craft high quality pieces that will serve you when on-the-go takes priority above fashion forward.