By Isabella Redmond Styles
POSTED March 2, 2011
Dans La Vie Took Over the East Gallery to Present a
Collection Inspired by Pop Art & Renaissance Images
Where better to present a collection entitled ‘Material Mode’ than Brick
Lane- the street in London traditionally devoted to fabric and material.
But this wasn’t just a roll of cotton lawn here and a scrap of silk there,
Japanese brand
Dans La Vie’s took over the East Gallery to present a
collection of striking and original prints, inspired by Pop Art and
Renaissance images. Most of the prints were done in oilcloth and
ranged from chair upholstery to a classic trench  coat given a vibrant,
Dans La Vie twist. The ‘Madonna Series’ was the most interesting
print, mixing Renaissance images of mother and child with pop art and
street signs.

Many of the prints, including an eye catching blue trench, mixed
classical images with floral motifs, a technique which worked
particularly well.  One burgundy oilcloth had been printed with cameos
of the Madonna and passionflowers which was quirky but still beautiful.
The belted trench dresses worn by the models had the same
‘Madonna series’ print, complete with acres of tulle underneath. They
were certainly striking but left us uncertain as to whether they’d work on
the streets of London. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see Dans La
Vie’s designer, Riara Sugawara using such bright and bold print in a
season where it seems other designers are using abstract prints or
none at all. It was also a clever move to present a collection not only of
womenswear but also of homeware and Dans La Vie’s prints
translated well into both. It would have been intriguing to see Dans La
Vie branch out and experiment with print on other fabrics aside from
oilcloth and a variety of womenswear pieces. However Sugawara’s
confidence with print is unusual and delightful .This is one Material Girl
to keep your eye on.

DANS LA VIE, respected mainly in Europe. Its daring collage print and
glossy textiles bring up an unique sense of luxury combined with a
sense of kitch. It has a 'PRODUCT MODE' which foresee 'NEO POP.'
Original print goes over 40. Riara Sugawara launched the line 1999
and has presented the collection in Paris (Tranoi ), Milan and Berlin.