Ashley from Shreveport, Louisiana writes:
I'm wearing a long coral formal dress to a formal
dance, and I don't know what my date should wear! I
thought about light brown/khaki pants, but I can't
decide what color button down shirt and tie my date
should wear.

A: Ashley, coral is a bold choice and will definitely give
you a fresh look for your formal dance. I love it! If you
really want to set off your outfit, make sure to pair your
dress with turquoise accessories.
Diane Kruger was
spotted this summer wearing a coral Prada dress at
the Berlin Film Festival and accented the dress with
turquoise blue Prada platform sandals. You could
also take a cue from ‘Waiting for Forever’ star
Rachel Bilson, who wore this long formal coral dress
to a red carpet event, but kept accessories to a
minimum, opting for a neutral toned clutch.
By Colin Megaro
POSTED August 18, 2011
Rebecca Minkoff
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As for your date, no offense, but slacks, a shirt and a tie aren't going to cut it for a formal dance.
Formal indicates a certain level of fashion and etiquette. Normally, I would suggest a black suit
or tux, a crisp white shirt and a classic tie with a dash of coral pulled in through his pocket
square. However, in this case, it may come off as looking like you are ready for Halloween.

Thus, I suggest that you ask your date to wear a grey suit, a white on white pinstriped shirt (with
great tailoring) and a tie that will pull in the color of your dress. By adding a bit of a pattern via the
tie you won't look like twins. Now don't forget to dance the night way!