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By Qianna Smith
POSTED  January 19, 2012
From Paris to New York, Lebanese designer Georges Chakra has been enchanting the world of fashion with his luxurious ready-to-wear and couture creations. The Beirut-based designer
showcased his s
pring/summer 2012 couture collection at the Biel in Beirut to mark the celebration of his 25-years in fashion.

Guests were welcomed with a collection of 40 dresses displayed exquisitely at the entrance of the Pavilion. Each of the dresses signified a sentimental connotation to Chakra: Some made
of exquisite fabrics, others displayed in renowned museums around the world and some worn on the red carpet. The alluring night commenced with a retrospective movie that illustrated
the incredible fashion journey of Chakra in the past 25-years followed by a couture catwalk show of his latest collection.

The inspiration for spring/summer 2012 was derived from the many paintings of Monet. An era of impressionism and romanticism coupled with constructed tulle flowers in a vivid nature,
dominated the runway this season. The structural cuts and architectural forms, which outline the fashion house’s signature look, were key elements of the collection. The colour palette
varied in light pastel hues – powder pink, beau blue, tea green, sunflower yellow… and a burst of cotton white.

The festivity was concluded with a speech from the designer honouring and thanking his entire team of 100 people, especially those who have served his workshop for the past 25 years. A
silver platter was given as a token of recognition followed by a long lasting ovation.

Georges Chakra is synonymous with extravagance and glamour. His intricate details, innovative designs, sharp-cut silhouettes and lavish back details exemplify luxury and magnificence.
Georges Chakra Celebrates 25 Years in Fashion - A Night with Couture