Planet Style:
Fashion Questions
& Answers
by Colin Megaro
FRUGAL FASHIONISTA TIP OF THE MONTH: Dress for the job you want, not the
one you lost!

So you lost your job in this tough economic climate and you are asking
yourself, 'What am I going to do now?', 'How will I pay my bills?' and most
importantly 'How will I fund my shopping addiction?' Don't take pity on yourself,
there is no time for that plus you can't control or predict our country's crazy
market conditions. Put yourself back on the proverbial horse, but before you
just start applying for any job take this time to find not just a position, but the
career of your dreams. Now is the time to go after what you really want in life
and prove you are a star and look like one too!

Finally, you get an interview scheduled, your resume is freshly printed and now
you need a corporate chic look. Let me ask you first, what are you going to wear
that is going to help you stand out in the crowd? Gentleman, let me guess a
typical neutral colored suit, white shirt and striped tie? Ladies, most likely a
black skirt suit, standard heels and some pearl earrings? Neither is the wrong
answer, but you could do better. Think about adding some individuality to your
outfit. Make your self-stand out among your peers. If you stand out in a good
way your interviewer is more likely to pick up your resume and call you a
second time or even offer you the position you want.

Adding some individuality to your outfit can be done in a variety of ways. First
you need to consider the environment you are going into. Obviously my advice
is very general and you should know what is appropriate and not appropriate.  
Men could add a twist to a classic suit. Purchase a slightly bold tie and a pair of
chocolate brown loafers rather then the classic black tie-up. Wear charcoal
instead of black or navy. Ladies could choose a more modern bag, a brightly
colored scarf or even a pants suit. Think about what you would like to look like
and what you would like to see if you were interviewing a perspective
employee.  When you are dressed and on your way out the door you want to
see a fresh, new more polished version of yourself.
Please do not show up for an interview in a mini skirt, stilettos (unless of course you are interviewing in fashion), a ton of jewelry, jeans and or basically anything that you would
not wear to the office. Even if you know you are going to a more casual office present yourself in the best possible light. Showing up in a well-tailored suit with a good briefcase
or bag will make you more memorable. I can honestly say this having interviewed people for over 10 years. I am a firm believer in the old adage that is always better to be
overdressed. One other quick piece of advice I have for you is to purchase heavy weight, cream-colored resume paper. Trust me employers do notice when you take a bit of
extra time to represent yourself.

Get out there, interview, try to enjoy the process and good luck!