Powerful, billowing
shapes were given a cool,
contemporary edge with
at Jena.Theo's fall/winter
at Jena.Theo's fall/winter
2011 collection. ‘The
Valkyrie’ was the main
Jenny Holmes and
Dimitris Theocharidis
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
On a colder than usual
February night,
Ashley Isham promised
us a midsummer night’s
dream, a luscious
Titania to banish those
winter blues.
And Isham certainly
didn’t disappoint! Check
out this dreamy collection
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Ashley Isham
There are surely few
people in the world who
can make yarn cool.
Craig Lawrence is
one of them, who was  
inspired by ‘the seduction
of the night’ for Fall/Winter
2011. Take a look at his
well crafted, sexy and
highly desirable collection.
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Craig Lawrence
Maki Aminaka is
something of an
anthropologist. Driven by
primitivism and totemic
imagery, Aminaka
Wilmont's Fall 2011
collection, appropriately
titled "Totem", was a
synthesis of the primeval
and the now.
London FW11 -
Aminaka Wilmont
Thanks to Vauxhall
Fashion Scout
, London's
designers are geared
and ready to take center
stage and the runway.
Anja Mlakar,
Kirsty Ward, Sara
and Tze
debut their fall 2011
It was a color blast of
futuristic splendor
on the catwalk of
Bernard Chandran’s
A/W 2011 collection.
The Malaysian-born
designer revamp the
feminine shape with
sharp cuts and
innovative silhouettes.  
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Trousers London
& MATH Collective
There were enough hair
pieces and wigs at
’s Red Label
Fall 2011 show at the Royal
Courts of Justice to rival the
usual judicial proceedings.
Dame Viv was back in the
building for the 2nd season
with a collection aimed at
Fashion Week
Vivienne Westwood
Red Label
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
One's To Watch
Hot off of their
collaboration with
Matthew London serves
up some truly original
takes on classic denim,
MATH Collective
proves it has a lot to
learn in the ways of
artistic showmanship.
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
House of Holland
Bryce Aime's Fall 2011
collection "Militarium"
serves up some dazzling
Klaus Nomi
Lady Gaga sign up
for an intergalactic battle
of the hautest? Yes,
please! This is one
collection every woman is
going to want!
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Bryce Amie
It was clear from
Henry Holland’s choice of
soundtrack that the mood
of his collection this
season would be a little
more sophisticated, dare
we say grown up?
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Where better to present a
collection entitled ‘Material
Mode’ than Brick Lane- the
street in London traditionally
devoted to fabric and
material.  Japanese brand
Dans La Vie’s took over the
East Gallery to present a
collection of original prints,
inspired by Pop Art and
Renaissance images.
Fashion Week
London FW11 -
Dans La Vie
Christian Blanken’s
woman is modern,
powerful and knows
good tailoring when
she sees it. Blanken
offered up another
eminently wearable,
clean collection for
FW 11.