Fashion Week
Milan FW11 -
There was more
than the 1920s to
tackle for
this season
and more than one
note per era to touch
upon. It was a
collection about
brainy juxtapositions
and heroines.
Piet Mondrian has officially
infiltrated Fall 2011.
Tommaso Aquilano and
Roberto Rimondi took the
very essence of modern art,
Yves Saint Laurent
first brought into the fashion
world via his historic 1965
Mondrian dress and created
pieces that were more Jazz
Age flapper than BBC Mod.
Fashion Week
Milan FW11 -
At Milan Fashion Week
Fashion Week
Milan FW11 -
Trussardi 1911
For the Trussardi 1911
seemed to
want to mirror the house's
longevity into his Fall
2011 collection. It was
about having a perpetual
relevance, with pieces
that have always been
chic and always will be.
Fashion Week
Milan FW11 -
Emporio Armani
It's official. This season,
the catwalk was all about
the black opening
number. At
it took a moment
to register that the black
monochrome wasn't
going anywhere. It
became the central trope
in the massive collection.
New York and London
Fashion Week were both
filled with collections that
played with a 3D trompe
l'oeil, but with her Fall
2011 womenswear
collection for Marni,
Consuelo Castiglioni
went a step further and
gave us a 4D experience.
Fashion Week
Milan FW11 -