Prada Runway Review
Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2011
By Alexander Patino
POSTED February 24, 2011
Amelia Earhart was the first thing that came to mind with Prada's opening number. That aviator cap, the quasi-goggle sunglasses and a black coat-dress, the flair on that hem more
rounded, girlier even, than one would expect on a lady-in-flight. But there was more than the 1920s to tackle for
Miucca Prada this season and more than one note per era to touch upon. It
was a collection about brainy juxtapositions and heroines. Take that 1920s aviator stream-lining for example - that was reserved for the 1965
Mondrian dresses that were drenched in
British Mod, but with dropped waists that recalled the female iconoclasts of the Jazz Age, the flapper. The chunky side-buttons recalled last season's Versace, but Prada made that little
touch all her own, especially in the coquettish Mod outerwear. The hairy single-breasted coats were almost gorilla-like. It was perhaps Prada's nod to another heroine of another age,
Dian Fossey. The collection ended with cocktail dresses in scallops of sequins. The ladies looked like the sparkly sirens of our oldest lore. Prada's stretch reaches different eras, different
continents, reality and myth and it always feels like the clothes of tomorrow that we want right now. All of these are tricky mash-ups, but Prada's always excelled at juggling myriad
references without ever dropping the ball. In fashion, being a sure thing is king and Miucca is both our king and queen.