House of Holland Plays Bingo & Scores Big for Fall
By Isabella Redmond Styles
POSTED February 23, 2011

It was clear from Henry Holland’s choice of soundtrack that the mood of his collection this
season would be a little more sophisticated - dare we say grown up? The
Misshapes spun a
mix of old school classics such as
Nina Simone and The Shirelles and we were reminded
that Holland has come a long way from those slogan tees. Taking inspiration from old aged
pensioners, Holland made use of heritage tweed, delicate lace slips, cashmere and pearls
that were as luxurious as they were wearable and had an appeal that stretched beyond the
environs of East London. But Holland isn’t ready to totally relinquish his playful side just yet,
and hurrah for that. Masses of multi-colored crochet, bingo-ball print and a whimsical bird
pattern gave the collection a very British sense of humour.

Holland designed perfect tweed jackets and pleated skirts that would have garnered the
approval of London’s ladies that lunch, but that were given a slick of irreverence thanks to a
patent PVC trim on the pockets and collar. Demure silk slips printed with bingo-balls and a
crochet pattern added interest and quirk, but didn’t take away any sex appeal from the pieces.  
There were, of course, cocktail dresses to tempt the starlets that man Holland’s front row every season, but they were executed with a twist. With Holland
admitting that ‘our girl is too young to wear a pearl necklace, so we beaded them on to her dress to make it sexy.’ The end product were dresses that were
undeniably alluring, but also incredibly well made. Ballsy hoop earrings, courtesy of
Katie Hillier, maintained a street-style vibe. Holland has definitely
come of age with this collection, and in terms of quality, it is far superior to anything that has gone before. But it was the cheeky, typically
House of Holland
touches- crochet, mad tights, bingo-balls and all, that delighted us and keep us returning for more season after season. Like Bingo, it was very British and
very fun, but unlike bingo, Holland’s success wasn’t down to chance, but to his vivacious creativity and craftsmanship. We can’t wait to see more.