By Shakira Polite
POSTED September 11, 2011
Custo Barcelona Presents a Tripolar Collection with 3D Prints  
Custo Dalmau and the Spanish house that is Custo Barcelona is no fan of less is more, but more like too much is
never enough. The house’s aesthetic is always fun and sometimes a bit over the top, but those who love it…well they
love it!

So stick to the script is what he did sending out psychedelic infused looks that played with holograms and 3D prints.
Models walked in pairs with his and her metallic blazers, printed trousers and hot pants. The collection dubbed

was divided into three groups, each with its own identity and theme empowering the collection with a triple

For the boys, it was all about the crochet and sheer striped cardigans and light weight printed tees that were paired
with cropped trousers and shorts. The printed shorts, sheer stripped pants and kaleidoscope suits didn’t quite bring
the same smile to your face.

As for the ladies, a floral, fitted boyfriend blazer with a slight ruffle at the lapel paired with a metallic floral cropped tank
was a definite standout. Slouchy printed bombers would be cool paired with neutrals and clingy sequined dresses
gave many attention grabbing evening options.