Sleek Silhouettes & A Generally Muted Colour Palette
Is Ideal For The Christian Blanken Woman This Fall
By Isabella Redmond Styles
POSTED March 2, 2011
Christian Blanken’s woman is modern,
powerful and knows good tailoring
when she sees it.
Blanken offered up
another eminently wearable, clean
collection for FW 11. There were his
tough signature pieces in leather and
shearling- a neat white shearling coat
which would sit comfortably on the
backs’ of most fashion editors and a
glamorous, short black shearling jacket
for evening allure. The collection’s
colour palette centred around black, inky
midnight blue and grey but it was the
unexpected pops of colour that stood
out. A long tomato red dress with a
dropped waist and cowl neck provided
the last word in casual elegance and a
pink jacket, paired with Blanken’s
classic tailored black trousers induced
vitality and intrigue into the collection.

There was an interesting
‘non-print-print’, as Blanken described
it, which added variation but did not
detract from the great tailoring. Long
black cape aside, the collection scored
high in terms of wearability and would
make a smooth transition into any
woman’s wardrobe. However the darker
pieces verged on the side of repetitive,
one short black dress with a leather trim
around the waist was pleasant enough
but didn’t exhibit any of Blanken’s skill.
Couldn’t we have seen more of those
pops of colour and mysterious
non-print-prints? Texture in the form of
shearling, leather and one sequined
body did lift the collection, but it was, by
all accounts, very restrained. Blanken’s
talent for tailoring cannot be ignored
and his taste for sleek silhouettes and a
generally muted colour palette is ideal
for the modern woman yet one feels he
has a lot more to offer. He may be
Blanken by name but he doesn’t have to
be blank by nature.