Bernard Chandran Comes Back From the Future for Fall
With Innovative Sci-Fi Inspired Details & Cuts
By Qianna Smith
POSTED February 21, 2011
Photo Credit: Vincent Cui
It was a color blast of futuristic splendor on the catwalk of Bernard Chandrans Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The Malaysian-born designer attempted to
revamp the feminine shape with sharp cuts, sportswear inspired sleeves and innovative silhouettes that carved out the waistline in striking form.  
Chandran cleverly accented svelte dresses with side flared peplums in silk and hi-tech plastics that put emphasis on the models cinched waist and
added a lifting contour effect to each design. “We are in a new era now. For today’s woman, I think the peplum is very important. It’s a new accessory. It’s
not only about a woman wearing a great dress. Rather, it’s how they make that dress standout,” said Chandran backstage amongst the chaos of flashing
bulbs and well wishers.  “The peplum allows the wearer to really work their look and heighten their style to the next level.” The palette of the collection was
We were equally impressed with
Chandran’s ability to mix and
match fabrics that produced the
most eye popping Tartans.  

Embellishments brought
Chandran’s visionary collection
to life through the use of top
stitching, feathers, industrial
zippers, skinny black belts, high
collars with volume and textural
construction as well as 3-D
buttons that gave off a space
age vibe. Looks were completed
with shoes by
Giuseppe Zanotti,
who collaborated with Chandran
for the first time. Collectively this
was one of Chandran’s
strongest and most confident
collections. Each design had a
fluidity and lightness that
received many wide-eye double
takes from the packed
Northumberland House. The
directional peplums and
structural detail had a newness
to it that was certainly a head of
it’s time.
luxuriously bright with monochromatic looks in pops of fuchsia, red, orange, electric blue and solid black. Lavish fabrics, like leather lace, silk wool, velvet and jersey satin, gave the
collection a luxe and wearable edge. “Women need glamour and I think in the winter they need color,” uttered Chandran, whose celebrity fans include
Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Estelle.