Fight Aging the
Right Way
Choose the right anti-aging
product for your age
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In your 20s you should
take preventative
measures in conjunction
with your anti-wrinkle
cream to treat fine lines
and wrinkles. Using an
anti-aging daily
moisturizer with SPF
(SPF 20 or higher) and a
nightly anti-aging facial
moisturizer with a
hydration boost is key.
The more dehydrated
your skin the easier it is
for wrinkles to form.
By Liz Olivier
Liz Olivier is a South African-born hair and makeup artist based in New York City. Her work has been featured on the cover of GQ Style and inside the glossies of  American Vogue,
Harper's Bazaar and Glamour magazines. On location in Bali, Olivier was the key hair and makeup artist for the motion picture 'Eat Pray Love,'  starring Julia Roberts.
When in your 30s try
expanding your
anti-aging skin care
routine by adding firming
lotions to your current
anti-aging moisturizers
and sunscreen applying
regimen. It is important
to fight back against
existing sun damage by
using a product that can
reverse UV skin damage.
Once you hit your 40s
and beyond, it is vital to
add a specialized
anti-aging cream that
targets specific problem
areas, such as wrinkles,
fine lines around the
eyes, and certainly, a
cream to alleviate brown
spots from sun damage
Anti-aging creams are part of a multi-billion dollar market, so
why is it so hard to choose the right product? You can never
be too sure – should you wear anti-wrinkle creams, eye
creams, firming creams or all of the above? Knowing what
suits your skin at your age will lead you to that fountain of
youth in the long run.

We’re all looking for that one miracle cream that will open
the gates to the fountain of youth - something that will
prevent us from looking not a day older than 30 for the rest of
our lives. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Anti-aging creams make up a large part of a multi-billion
dollar industry, so why is it so hard to choose the right
product? Just the other day I was walking through the rows
of beauty counters at Saks and I couldn’t help but think,
“Surely, there must be at least one anti-aging cream in this
store that will work for me.” I was not sure if I was supposed
to wear wrinkle creams, eye creams, firming creams or all of
the above. I quickly came to realize that since I have zero
To better understand what kind of anti-aging products suit your skin we also have to look at
what causes aging. Why? Because the best anti-wrinkle cream will not help you if you don’t
take preventative measures to protect your skin from the things that naturally enhance the look
of aging.

The 5 most common causes of aging are sun, pollution, smoking, dehydration and genes. We
can’t do anything about our genes so we can throw that one out the window for starters.
Thanks mom, thanks dad.

When you protect your skin from these elements you are off to a great start. So before you
consider putting on expensive anti-wrinkle creams, take the following steps:

TIP ONE. Wear sunscreen every day. The sun makes up for almost 80% of aging, so it is vital
that you wear at least SPF 20 everyday, rain or shine! Not only will it protect you from UVA/UVB
rays, but it helps to prevent sunspots, moles and is a useful preventative measure against the
darker side of sun exposure – like cancer.
  • Tip: Make sure your sunscreen contains active ingredients like Mexoryl™ SX, Zink
    oxide, or Titanium dioxide. These active ingredients are what will protect you from the
    UVA and UVB rays.
  • BEST BUY: La Roche Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, $31.50, laroche-
  • For dehydrated skin use:

TIP TWO. Always wash your face in the evening before bed. Not only does it help get rid of the
day’s built-up pollution in your skin, but you will be prepping your skin for your wrinkle cream.
You pay a lot for wrinkle cream, so apply it on a clean face. Personally, I gear towards a non-
harsh cleaner that does not dry out my skin.

  • BEST BUY: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk, $26,
access to the magic wand of my beauty dreams, I had to do more research before heading back into the ‘dragon’s den’. So how do you know what creams are necessary for you and at
what age? When using anti-aging creams it is important to work with your age. When you are young you will need to take different precaution than when you are 40.
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Sarah Chapman -
Intense Hydrating Booster,
Clarins -
HydraQuench Cream
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Tip: You can take preventative measures by using the same prescription or prescription-strength products on your neck that you apply on your face, including retinoids (such as Retin-A,
Renova, or Tazorac).
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TIP THREE. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that smoking is bad for you. It dehydrates your skin along with a list of many other things.

TIP FOUR. Keep hydrated. I feel like a broken record when I say drink 8 glasses of water a day, but it is not a myth! It will keep your skin hydrated and you will actually see a difference in your
skin in 2 weeks.
NOTE: If your skin is really dry, consider using a hydration mask at night before applying your wrinkle cream.

Yes, it is true that there are products out there that will help with the never ending fight against the aging process, but there are also an abundance of products that are certifiable money
wasters. Always read the ingredient list on the product you are considering purchasing and make sure that it actually contains an ingredient that fights aging. Never forget to protect your skin
from the very factors that cause aging! Otherwise, save up all that money you’re wasting and buy yourself a few pairs of
Christian Louboutin's. It would be money better spent.
cream -
Revive – Moisturizing Renewal
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Even Better
Dark Spot
TIP TWO: Clinique
Take The Day Off
Cleansing Milk, $26,
For dehydrated
skin use:
La Roche Posay
Hydraphase UV
SPF 30, $33.95,
La Roche
Anthelios SX Daily
SPF 15, $31.50,
Hydra Beaute,