Fashionistas Find Stylish Answers at Fashion Q&A

The Fashion Q&A website answers the essential fashion questions, i.e. which designers are hot, which ones are not,
and why.

Beverly Hills, CA (January 1, 2008) - Fashion Q&A ( announces the launch of a
compelling and informative online monthly magazine where fashionistas can go to have their fashion questions
answered with style.

Fashion Q&A emerged in response to the need for detailed fashion answers that are impossible to get from print
fashion magazines and media-based fashion outlets. In the lively and constantly changing world of fashion, the
traditional fashion reporters and media cannot keep up with the range and variety of fashion information
available on the World Wide Web. By covering the major Fashion Week venues in New York, Los Angeles and
worldwide, utilizing online video and in-depth resources, we are setting the standard for online fashion
publications and interactive fashion information.

Fashion Q&A’s approach to fashion begins with understanding that fashion is not a spectator sport. Fashionistas
have the right to be a part of setting and breaking industry standards. They not only have the right to not only
know who is setting new season trends and why, but also be part of the decision-making process.

The answers to fashion questions are provided by Fashion Q&A’s team of young, innovative, and established
industry professionals from around the globe. The publication is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, with
affiliates operating in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan and Săo Paulo.

The team is drawn from the beauty and the fashion industries and is available to answer questions on fashion,
style, beauty, cosmetics, and clothing regardless of whether the questions relate to feminine fashion or men's
style. The approach is a friendly, behind-the-scenes perspective on high-end fashion.

Qianna Smith, Editor of the online fashion magazine, notes that the affordability of household fashion names
such as Dior, Prada and Gucci targets a small group of consumers, while emerging designers are not as visible
and often overlooked by larger print publications. Fashion Q&A strives to be a media outlet for new hot
emerging lines and is consistently scooting the next big name to break on to the fashion scene.

As an example, Fashion Q&A reported a growing trend known as Masstige, a phenomenon that combines the
words “mass market” and “prestige”, and which makes high-end fashion affordable and available to a larger
consumer group.

Fashion Q&A is poised to be a premier provider of information on the latest fashion news and beauty trends, as
well as on the emerging and fresh up-and-coming designers.

Fashion Q+A

Green is Glam: supports fashion made from natural ingredients

Online magazines like Fashion Q&A demonstrate how fashion forward eco-preservation can be

Beverly Hills, California (June 4, 2008) - So much of what we do today will dictate our quality of life in the very
near future. (Fashion Q&A) is a socially responsible online fashion magazine that has made a
conscious decision to lessen the footprint its leaves on this earth. The publication is proud to be a paperless
production, providing fashion coverage to an international community in a decisively faster, more efficient and
earth-friendly way. Fashion Q&A believes that its duty is to be conscious and aware of the global crisis this
generation is facing, and spotlights emerging designers and artists that share such values. Fashion is a piece of
time, an art that is enjoyed daily in this society. It is time for a fashion site to bring a fresh look at classic and
emerging styles, together with a global conscience and awareness. is such a site!

“Reducing our environmental footprint is part of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen, as an employer
and as a publication that believes in “green” initiatives and partnership,” confirms Qianna Smith, Editor. Fashion
Q&A is pleased to be distinguished as a “green” office. Its staff and production team have explored and found
innovative forms of information sharing and technology that is 100% waste free.

According to Kristine Hartman, Creative Director, “Fashion Q&A makes every effort to be more eco-friendly, not
only because we feel it is our responsibility, but also to encourage and promote green thinking and living to our
readers.” Fashion not only impacts our lifestyles, it affects the environment. Many consumers fail to realize that
the clothes they wear often times are made from harsh chemicals and non-biodegradable materials. Thankfully
there are designers paving the way by demonstrating that the use of natural dyes, linen, hemp, organic wool,
organic cotton and other sustainable products can be both high-end and fashion forward. Fashion Q&A strives to
introduce their readers’ to designers, who are making a difference one stitch at a time.

The publication dedicated its entire April issue this year to “Designers with a Conscience” in conjunction with April’
s Earth Day, and will continue that trend in the upcoming years. Fashion Q&A is convinced that the fashion
industry as a collective group has the power to make a difference on this earth and take the eco-fashion “green
movement” to the next level.

Fashion Q+A